Being rebels does not mean we are here to cause trouble. 3%.Com Properties was founded as an all-inclusive solution to  property . We skipped the traditional expectations, but the plunge has been worth it since launching in 2003. Here are three ways we’ve said bye-bye to the traditional and hello to the magic of 3!

  1. No more traditional estate agents

This does not mean we aren’t property experts, quite the opposite. Estate agents market the property at the right time, in the right way to give you the best possible outcome on your sale or purchase. So do our attorney agents! Our franchise growth has seen both estate agents and conveyancers come together to form one group. Traditional estate agents offer their service on a commission rate, which may vary anywhere between 5% – 7.5%. Seems like a chunk, right? At 3%.Com Properties, we offer comprehensive property sales and property legal services, and cap the commission at 3%.

  1. We’re close by

Since our rapid expansion, the Franchise Group has grown from a mere four franchisees. We’re currently sitting at 47 branches, meaning you’ll find us in 8 of the 9 provinces (we’re working on you, Limpopo). Our proximity to you ensures we avail ourselves so that we offer you the right advice. In many instances, buyers and sellers have been misinformed about what is required of them in property transactions.

  1. We offer more, for less

The service offering simplifies the selling process by unifying and integrating the traditionally segmented selling processes into one. From taking the mandate, listing, marketing and selling the property, to finally paying the seller the proceeds, we keep complicated professional services simple. That means more value for less commission.

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Goodbye traditional. Hello Magic of 3!
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