We don’t want the festivities that come with the Mother’s Day month make you feel excluded from any royal treatments just because you aren’t a mother. Here are 5 ways to make yourself feel like royalty… in the comfort of your home.

  1. From the moment you wake up

There is a reason why beds are comfortable, so it’s okay to lay in for an extra hour or two. You don’t have to live on an isolated estate to avoid the sound of hooting cars and yelling neighbours (this is awkward). Plug in your earphones and enjoy your jams.

  1. Bring out your inner foodie

If you have planned you time, make your breakfast more creative than usual. Sometimes omelettes that flop when flipped must become scrambled eggs – no one said anything about perfection. A quick and creative breakfast option is hash brown nests filled with cheese, bacon, avocados and eggs.

  1. Take care of the exteriors

Unless your city is Day Zero-ed, make your usual shower or bath time a little longer. Forget about the small-drop amount of shower gel that barely foams on your loofah. Take time to lather your skin – after all, it does protect you from the harsh sun and chilly rain. Make your bath time a colourful one by adding bath salts, herbs or colourful bath bombs.

  1. Wear what you really want to wear

If you’re not planning on leaving the house, your go-to look is probably the usual t-shirt and jeans. And possibly a scarf for effect. Have you forgotten about the clothes you really love? No one ever said you cannot dress up at home, so wear your favourite outfit without waiting for a special occasion. So much confidence comes from doing this.

  1. The perfect dinner for you

If a butler or chef is not part of your budget, there is still an answer to having a royal dinner. It’s time to finally eat at the table. Light a candle or too, use the casserole bowls you were gifted with two birthdays ago, and release the fear of breaking the crystal flutes you’ve been wanting to drink from.

Feel Like Royalty in The Comfort of Your Home
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