Wall art is a beautiful addition to your home, be it in the lounge, bedrooms or just in the passage. Different artwork can be incorporated to bring out your home’s personality with colour.

Here are 4 ways of expressing your art.

  1. That bold statement

This art adds the character into your room because it creates a focal point. Bring the room’s colour scheme into the artwork to tie in the interior. If you choose plain white interior, a bright piece will add a burst of colour. The piece should fill the space and not make it seem as though something is missing.

  1. More than one

Sometimes more than one wall requires art attention. It is easy to get carried away here, leading to a visual disaster of clashing pieces. Select artwork with similar styles – rather not mix abstract with minimalist. When it comes to colour, have one statement artwork and let other art have more neutral colours.

  1. Let them be groupies

Multiple pieces have the ability to create a unified appearance. When it comes to grouping your art work, size is not necessarily a deciding factor. Use frames of the same kind and same colour. You are also able to get away with not hanging up your art. You are more than welcome to strategically lean art of different sizes.

  1. Don’t limit the possibilities

Wall art does not have to be limited into frames. Let the art expression splash across your wall by letting it flow in a free form manner. Mount sculptures that look like bubbles, butterflies or birds across an entire focal wall. Grouping blocks of different colours, or metal off-cuts is also a creative way of adding art décor to your home.


4 Ways to Express Your Art